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Blooming Essential Foundation

Blooming Essential Foundation break down
the boundaries between skincare and foundation

  • All skin types(complexity, lack of moisture, oily skin, dry skin, etc.)can be used
  • Gel-cream-texture serum gives moisturizing effect to your skin.
  • Redness relief and high coverage
  • Priming effect for skin texture / Wrinkle and whitening functionality
  • Depending on the applicator, various skin-tone can be expressed.(silky, glow)

Wait! You saw the similar products?

We combined transparent gel cream type serum with capsulized foundation

This is the new texture formulated by NOWCOS' patent technology.

When fixing your makeup, You don't have to wipe it off. ONLY need Blooming Essential Foundation

Apply the skin-care (serum) and make-up (foundation) at once!
It helps to make a healthy and lively skin.

Blooming Essential Makeup-Base

Experience the natural skin-tone correcting formulation

  • Contains more than 70% moisture essence, Moist and natural
    skin tone correcting effect
  • Unlike normal dry Tone up cream, this is soft and moist
  • Mild formula that excludes 20 caution components (Not added in Nowcos's prescription)

Blooming Essential Blusher

With Blooming Essential Blusher,
Turn on the moisture and vitality switch in your daily life!

  • Capsulized color pigmentation in full of moisturizing essence
  • High durability and natural blush effect


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